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Sunday, August 21, 2011

YOSHIMI (カリーとオムライス ヨシミ)| Curry & Rice Omelet Retaurant | Odori BISSE | Sapporo

Odori BISSE is a business & GOURMET building located in the downtown area of Sapporo, and

very fashionable inside.

As some of the restaurants and cafes here are my favorites, I sometimes come here to eat cakes or have lunch. Actually, especially during the lunch hours, the restaurant floors - from the ground floor to the 4th floor - are crowded with local people and tourists.

Today's my choice was "YOSHIMI", a curry & rice omelet restaurant on the 4th floor.

Good atmosphere, isn't it?

They serve not only curry and omurice (rice omelet), but also some salad and desserts.

Depending on the season, they have special curry such as curry with summer vegetables and curry with chicken thigh with bone↓

I chose a today's special set for dinner because it's reasonable! The set includes main curry or rice omelet, salad and dessert! Furthermore, on the weekend in the summer time, if you order the set, you can drink beer at a discount price (550→200 yen) !

This is salad↓ Well, normal salad............. Hahaha!!

This is omurice or rice omelet, which consists of an omelet made with fried rice. This contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine is very popular among young people in this country. Usually we eat it with ketchup, but this one has two kinds of sauce!

This is brown sauce↓

The "RUNNY" egg, rice, meat and brown sauce go well with each other!!!

While this is white sauce↓

As you can see, it contains the seafood and mushroom↓

The set comes with this small cheese cake, too!

Some of you may remind YOSHIMI of this curry snack named "Kari kari madaaru?". Actually I love it!

Once you open the bag, you cannot stop eating it!!! This is curry-flavored rice cracker and one of the popular souvenirs among tourists.

Please try it when you come to Hokkaido because this is sold ONLY in Hokkaido! You can get it at airports and department stores as well as their restaurants.

■Where is "YOSHIMI"?

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■Tour guide information■
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