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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Kaizokusen (海賊船)| Ramen & BBQ Restaurant | Zenibako, Otaru

Otaru is located on the Ishikari Bay and famous for its seafood. How about seafood ramen like this? Yummy x 2, isn't it?

"Kaizokusen(海賊船)", which means a pirate ship, is in front of JR Zenibako(銭函) Station. It is NOT a new restaurant like this↓ and you may think whether it already went out of business...............(I'm sorry for the owner!!!), but when you enter the restaurant,

you will find a lot of customers in the restaurant!!! Actually it is very popular among the local people, serving its delicious seafood ramen and so on!!

We ordered "Kaizoku ramen", the most popular seafood ramen in the restaurant!
You can really enjoy old-timey atmosphere! Look at the hand-made chopstick stand! How cute it is!!

One of the TV personalities came here all the way from Tokyo!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! I didn't know that! We felt a surge of excitement and anticipation for the seafood ramen! Actually a cook and his wife in this restaurant are very friendly and we instantly got to love them!

This big dish is is for the seafood shells.

This is Kaizoku Ramen (海賊ラーメン)!!!!! How big it is!!!!

I put a pen beside this ramen so that you can easily image how HUGE the ramen is!!! See??? Are you also excited???

It has a lot of seafood! Do you have any idea how much it is? It is only 680 yen!!! I cannot believe it!!! Well, let's eat it!!

The soup is seafood-based and really delicious!

It has scallops,




prawns, and so on!

Again, can you believe that it is only 680 yen???
After eating the delicious ramen, we went to the ocean and relaxed.

I really recommend its sunset. Beautiful, isn't it???

■Where is "Kaizokusen(海賊船)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

Otaru a very nice town. Could I taste the soup ? ....

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very excellent & Scrumptious
Sure! Plz open your mouth! Hahaha!!
The soup is very tasty and I really want you to taste it! I love Otaru♪
Your Map Girl♪

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