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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Farm Kanno (かんのファーム)| Flower Garden | Biei

Farm Kanno is located about 2km away from JR Bibaushi station, and totally 100 kinds of flowers can be seen in the hilly farm during the flower season.
It's like a HUGE flower rainbow on the ground!!

We enjoyed the perfect weather and perfect farm :-)

Lavenders can be seen form July until the early August and other flowers from the mid-June until October, depending on the year, of course.
You can enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty such as the Tokachi Mountain Range from this farm! Beautiful, isn't it???

It is packed with comfortable lavender fragrance!! I was so HAPPY with my tour guests from Germany!!

A lot of people took pics with the beautiful lavenders like this↓

How about red salvia??? We enjoyed the contrast of red, white, yellow, and blue flowers here.

I love this atmosphere! There's nothing but the flowers and hill!!!

You can see herbs like lemon balms like this↓

This colorful flower farm is on Route 237 and you cannot miss it! If you drive from Asahikawa area to Biei, you can find this farm first along this road.

It has no opening or closing hours. It is free to walk in and around the farm at any time. 

Look at the Bassia scoparia!! I love it! SOOOO CUTE! The plants are like anime characters :-)

Blue salvia is also beautiful and wonderful! I love their flower selection!

Would you like to enjoy flowers in Hokkaido?

It takes only 15 mins from the nearest JR station (Bibaushi station) to this farm on foot.

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■Where is "Farm Kanno"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Hokkaido Garden ! Where is the flower called KK ? ;-)
Yes Very Special Sushi

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Elegant & Showy!
I love this very elegant & showy garden! I was looking for the flowers named Yves, too :-)
Your Map Girl♪

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