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Friday, August 19, 2011

Yoshiji (愛路) | Japanese Restaurant | Sapporo

If you want to eat delicious & large amount home-made type Japanese food at a reasonable price, I recommend "Yoshiji (愛路)", a Japanese restaurant in Sapporo.

This restaurant is in the Shikisima Building located in the downtown of Sapporo and always packed with business workers especially during the lunch hours like this↓

Why is this restaurant very popular? They serve home-style dishes which are very delicious of course, but look at the price list↓

You can eat sukiyaki for just 700yen!!!!
Other memus include today's special, katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice), shoga-yaki (ginger-flavored slices of fried pork), ebi-furai (deep-fried prawns) sets and so on, all of which are less than 900 yen!!!

I ordered a menchi-katsu (minced meat cutlet) set↓ Menchi-katsu is like a nice combination of hamburger steak and tonkatsu (cutlet), and one of the typical home-cooking in Japan. 

Look at the menchi-katsu! It's HUGE!!!

I put a toothpick on the sliced cabbegge so that you can imagine how BIG it is!

If you are very hungry, choose a big bowl of rice. Of course, I ordered the big one!!!

THREE handfuls of sliced cabbage comes with mench-katsu. THREE handfuls!!!! This is like a paradise for big eaters like me!!!

Pour Worcetershire sauce and have a bit! Yummy x 2!!!! 

This building is connected to an underground between Odori and Sapporo stations and it's easy to find it!

■Where is "Ajidokoro Yoshiji(味処 愛路)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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