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Monday, August 01, 2011

Hokkaido Ice Pavilion (北海道アイスパビリオン)| Kamikawa

I'm in Kamikawa between Daisetsuzan National Park and Asahikawa with my tour guests.
"Hokkaido Ice Pavilion" in the town is the first museum in the world to provide the chilling experience of Hokkaido through a whole year!

Look at the snow man in front of the facility!
In North America and Europe, they make their snowmen using three snow balls. However, in Japan, snowmen are made using only two spheres. One for the head and one for the body. Maybe Japanese people have shorter lower bodies? Hahahaha:-)

Before entering the facility, we do a short experiment; painting the pic on special paper, which reacts the temperature. If it's hot, the colors are gone and if it's cold, the colors appear again.
We were already excited, thinking how the color would change inside of the facility!!!

Let's enter the pavilion! Don't forget this detergent bottle! We'll do the second experiment in the -20C room!

Going through the entrance area,

first enjoy the hexagonal labyrinth! Why hexagonal? Because the snow crystal is hexagonal!

After the fun corner, we prepared for the -20C room. Please wear a winter coat here!

Are you ready to go to the winter world in Hokkaido????

Let's take a wet towel to do the third experiment!

Welcome to the winter world!!

The inside of the Ice Pavilion is kept at a constant temperature of
-20C. Displayed inside are numerous icicles, many of them that took over ten years to form.

Look at the wet towel. It stands in such a law temperature!

Let's go down stairs. The steps are so slippery. Watch your steps!!

We enjoyed making bobbles from the soapy water.

It is very cold here that you can "catch" the bobbles!!! How interesting!!!

My tour guests were so impressed with the icicles!

We, local people, make a snow hut for fun in the winter time like this↓ It looks like an igloo, doesn't it? But actually the ways to make the hut and igloos are different.

How cute the snowmen!! This is one of the popular photo spots!

This is the most exciting corner!!!
The highlight of this attraction is a spot where you can experience the mind-blowing temperature of -41C, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Japanese history.
Do you want to try it?

We were so excited in the room!!

I'm sorry this pic is not good enough to see tiny crystals in the air, but you can see a diamond dust phenomena in the special room; ground-level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals with a temperature well below freezing

Do you know cliones, which live under drift ice? You can observe the creatures in the special tank.

Hokkaido is surrounded by three kinds of ocean, one of which is the Sea of Okhotsk. During the middle of the winter, the sea is covered with ice!
We called the creatures "sea angels". The angels live under the ice.

After the tour, we enjoyed free hot tea service.

Look at the pics!
Some of the visitors took their pics in the -41C room like this↓ Unbelievable! They are almost naked!!!

I love this pic↓ They are the youngest challengers in the coldest room!!!

Why don't you enjoy Hokkaido winter in this facility? Let's have fun!!
I recommend this facility especially for people from  southern countries!!!

Just for reference, there is a ice cream stand in front of the Hokkaido Ice Pavilion↓

and they sell very delicious ice cream!!!

I really recommend "Shiroi-Koibito soft ice cream (白い恋人ソフトクリ―ム)", one of whose ingredient is the same white chocolate for Shiro Koibito Chocolate cookies (白い恋人).

■Where is Hokkaido Ice Pavilion (北海道アイスパビリオン)?

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

I think that it's cold in Hokkaido in winter ... why do you need to find somewhere the cold temperature in summer ?
In Europe ours snowmen are in the garden only in winter with their nose in carrot !!
Yes, Very Extrange Snowman !

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Exciting in Summer!
My tour guests are from Thailand and they've never seen snow before visiting this facility. They are so excited to experience the cold temperature!!!
Of course our snowmen are in the garden only in the winter time! Amazingly, we use a carrot for the nose, too!!
Your Map Girl♪

THIESS said...

Hi K.K.

I am a tulips lover and is planning a trip to Hokkaido on early May, do you think I can still catch the chance to see the tulips bloom ??

K.K. said...

Hi, THIESS! It's really depends on the weather, but usually the late May is the best time to see the most beautiful tulips!
Please check the real situation on the Internet or my blog constantly!!!
Enjoy the trip to Hokkaido♪♪

Anonymous said...

May I know how long it takes to completely visit the whole museum?? We are not having a lot of time. We only have 1/2 hour. Will that be enough time? Thank you so much.

K.K. said...

Usually we need 30 to 60 minutes to enjoy this facility :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw that on TV once. How do I get there? I'll be with my family.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Will be going to Hokkaido in January 2014. How do I go to this place from JR Sapporo Station? Thanks!

K.K. said...

Go to Kamikawa station, and take a taxi. We usually go there by car, anyway. Enjoy it!

Mel Chan said...

"Go to Kamikawa station, and take a taxi"

Umm, can you tell me how much will it cost if we use taxi to go to this place?

And does this Ice Pavilion open the whole year, including summer?

Thanks in advance :)

K.K. said...

>Mel Chan
It takes around 500 yen (5 minutes) from the station. And It opens throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Hi KK,
There is also Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum in Mombetsu. Have you been there? If we are to choose one to visit, which one is more interesting, more things to see and do? Please write a blog on Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum if you can. (Love reading your blogs, very informative and helpful for finding good food around Hokkaido.) - Sasha

Mukidi 1 said...

Hi KK.
Is taxi always available from Kamikawa Station to this place ? How far Bear Farm from this place ? walking distance ? thank you.

Mukidi 1 said...

Hi KK.
Is taxi always available from Kamikawa Station to this place ? How far Bear Farm from this place ? walking distance ? thank you.

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