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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michinoeki Boyo Nakayama (望羊中山) | Nakayama Pass | Kimobetsu Town

When you go to Lake Toya area from Sapporo via Nakayama Mountain Pass, I'm sure most of you have a short break at "BoyoNakayama(望羊中山)"; which has rest rooms, a shop, a sweets corner,  a restaurant, and an observatory.

We call this kind of rest area "Michinoeki", which literally means a roadside station. There are a lot of Michinoeki between popular tourist destinations so that drivers and tourists can have a break.
This is a map of Michinoeki in the southwestern part of Hokkaido.

First, look at the asparagus monuments! This Michinoeki is located in Kimobetsu, which is a town to start growing asparagus for the first time in Japan.

As this Michinoeki is on the top of Nakayama Mountain Pass, you can enjoy Mt Yotei (1,893m) from its observatory. The mountain is sometimes dubbed as "Ezo Fuji (Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido)" because it looks like Mt. Fuji. Very beautiful, isn't it??? You can see the snow-capped mountain even in the summer time!!

As the sign says,

This Michinoeki is famous for "Ageimio"(deep fried potatoes)! 
Let's go to eat it!

Looks yummy x 2!!!

It's a kind of potato doughnut!

See!! Local potatoes are covered with doughnut! I really recommend it!

If you like pumpkins better than potatoes, they serve pumpkin version, too!

Personally I like pumpkin, better, but please try both of them and compare with each other!!!

I've found cute steamed pork buns :-)

If you like ice cream, how about this??

They serve several flavors, including seasonal specials. I ordered "Yubari melon" flavor! Sounds very Hokkaido!!!

Except the winter season, they sell local vegetables and mushrooms, which are freshly caught in this area and really delicious!!

You can find famous Hokkaido sweets such as ROYCE chocolate and Shiroi-Koibito (White Lover) chocolate in this shop.

I've found chocolate cream puffs,

"normal" cheese cake and..............

"TOFU" cheese cake!!!!! Please try something very Japanese!!!!

In the winter time, the Michinoeki is covered with a lot of snow like this, but available all the time.

■Where is "Boyo Nakayama(望羊中山)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
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Shiroi Koibito said...

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K.K. said...

>Shiroi Koibito
I've visited your website! I didn't know that this famous cookie chocolate is sold in the United States!
I really love it!

patrick dudart said...

Aaah yes i remember. They have the best "Butadon" over there

K.K. said...

>patrick dudart
Did you eat deep-fried potatoes? They are very delicious!

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