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Friday, July 01, 2011

Naganuma Aisu-no-Ie(長沼あいすの家)| Ice Cream Shop in Kuriyama

Kuriyama, 40 mins away from Sapporo, is blessed with the nature. It has also a famous sake brewery, several museums, camping sites and so on.

Today I'll show you one of the famous ice cream shops, "Naganuma Aisu-no-Ie" (which means an ice cream shop in Naganuma), in the town. This ice cream shop is so famous that there are several branches in Hokkaido.

They serve not only ice cream, but also crapes!

It is always packed with customers because the ice cream is delicious and the shop is adjacent to a big park!

Today, we chose chocolate soft ice cream!

Oops! I ate it before taking a pic..........

We also ordered this season limited soft ice cream!

Strawberry ice cream is one of my favorite ice cream! This area is famous for strawberries and they use the local products!

The ice cream stand is adjacent to the Kuriyama park, which is famous for cherry blossoms in the spring time, when a lot of people enjoy the pink flowers here!

The park has a lot of attractions.

It has a small zoo (free of charge!).

Look at the steam locomotive! Kids can play with this real train!

 I like the Yubari river near the park. The town is blessed with the great nature!

■Where is Naganuma Aisu-no-Ie?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Oyome-san said...

Good cooool pictures for another hot day in Hokkaido!

(PS the top bar of your blog is hard to read...all the words get lost in the plants....)

K.K. said...

It's getting hotter and hotter in Hokkaido! I'll go to Otaru today and it must be hot there, too!

PS I'll fix the top bar, but it seems to be normal...
Anyway I'll check it again tonight. Thanx!

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