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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curry Soba & Fresh Vegetable Tempura | Fureai-Soko (ふれあい倉庫) | Tobetsu

Tobetsu is an agricultural town, 30 mins away from Sapporo.
Today I'll show you "Fureai-Soko", which means a communication warehouse, featuring their local vegetables mainly!

Look at the fresh local products! The items are from the standard vegetables such as spinach to............

ingredients for pickles such as cabbages, daikon radishes and turnips to............

something unique such as iceplants like this↓
All of them are local products.

You can also buy the local juice, rice and so on!

One of my friend recommends this soba noodle shop and that's why I came here today!

First, we checked the menu. I want to eat something very local!

I've found the great one; soba noodles with fresh (morning-picked) vegetable tempura! Sounds perfect to me!

And we ordered the "soup curry soba" which my friends recommends. The board has producers' names of vegetables that the restaurant uses. I like this idea.

 The curry soba is so famous that some magazines feature the restaurant!

Here comes the unique noodles!

The meat and vegetables on the curry soup is produced here in Tobetsu. The combination of curry and soba is rare, but it's very good! You must love it!

The set includes the tomato juice, which is produced by a local farmer. This is really rich and thick! Yummy x 2!

This is a tempura soba set!

The soba noodles are thicker than the normal ones.

This is what we were waiting for! The vegetables were picked this morning. The fresh ones tastes very different, delicious, marvelous, super, and wonderful!

Last, but not least we enjoyed the soba soup.

I love seasonal foods which are not available anywhere!

■Where is Fureai-Soko?

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■Tour guide information■
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