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Monday, June 20, 2011

FARM RESTAURANT HARVEST (ファームレストラン ハーベスト) | Naganuma

Naganuma, 1 hr away from Sapporo, is blessed with Nature and relaxing! On the higher ground, there is my favorite restaurant, "FARM RESTAURANT HARVEST", which uses mainly local ingredients for their meals and desserts.

The hand-built log house restaurant is surrounded with Nature and

we can enjoy trees and vegetable fields through the windows!

The owner is a farmer and he constructed this restaurant by himself especially in the winter time, when farmers have more free time. Now this restaurant is very popular and crowed with customers all the time. We usually wait for about 30 min. before we eat.

They have a wide verity of sweets such as...........
■Japanese Mustard Spinach tube-cake
Local vegetables can be also ingredients for cakes!!! Unbelievable!

■Gateau Chocolat

■Cheese cake with blueberry jam

■Fresh cream strawberry tart

■Fresh cream pumpkin tart

■Pumpkin pie

The lunch menu is like this!
This is a reasonable dishes during this month only such as.........
"Gratin with green & white asparagus", which were picked this morning! Sounds delicious!

This is a ordinary menu. I recommend potato and meat dishes (especially hamburger steak) in this restaurant!

I ordered a set menu of "farmland potato and hamburger steak (big160g)"

The set come with this soup and

bread or rice. I chose French bread with sesame and whole-grain bread with walnut. The wheat in the bread, produced in Ebetsu near Sapporo, makes this bread the distinctive texture!

The set also includes this home-made apple juice!

Look at this hamburger steak! This is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tender!!!! I've never eaten such a soft hamburger steak! Apple juice is used for the sauce (I guess) and delicious!

I love this cream croquette! The potato is, of course, the local one and so sweet!

This is a set of  "pork steak and potato gnocchi"
The pork was produced in Yuni and

so was the potatoes!

It comes with bread or rice.
You can choose two out of three kinds of bread.

Look at this pork steak! This is very tender and juicy!

This potato gnocchi is also wonderful! It was very creamy and naturally sweet!

We really enjoyed the lunch made of local ingredients and the surrounding nature!

After eating lunch, we went to "HARVEST FARM",  a sweet shop next to this restaurant.
I'll show you the details on the next blog!

To be continued :-)


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