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Thursday, June 09, 2011

KUSHIRO ROYALINN (釧路ロイヤルイン)| Hotel for Bread Lovers

If you have a travel plan to go to Kushiro, I recommend to stay at "KUSHIRO ROYALINN". It takes within 1 min from the station and a single room is only 5,300 yen per night, but great service!

I stayed in this single room, where I felt the air very fresh because...........

Look at this! Every room has an air cleaning device! Actually this is very effective and I bought the same device ("Plasmacluster" produced by SHARP) for my room when I came back to my home. Hahaha!

The location is great. So is the equipment in the room. Not only that, but they have a wonderful breakfast service!
Look at the variety of bread! All of them are freshly baked every morning! They are like a real bakery!

They also serve local vegetables!

This area is famous for the dairy industry. Actually the milk is produced in Betsukai, where the population of dairy cows is bigger than the population of humans! Try the delicious milk here!

If you prefer Japanese dish, take some onigiri or rice balls, baked fish and so on!

This potato soup and tomato soup is so recommendable because the ingredients are very local!

The buffet venue is on the top floor and you can enjoy the nice view!

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■Where is Kushiro Royalinn?

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