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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fresh Sea Urchin Pasta | Italian Restaurant "Mia Angela (ミアアンジェラ)" | Sapporo

The sea urchin season has just begun in Hokkaido!
I really love the seafood in this season because it is richer and sweeter!! I went to an Italian restaurant to eat fresh sea urchin pasta today!

Ristorante & Bar Italiana "Mia Angela" is on the 8th floor at Daimaru Department Store next to JR Sapporo Station.

Look at the board! "Cold pasta with fresh sea urchin (Gagome kelp - local seaweed - flavor) has just introduced since June 1st!

This restaurant is popular especially among ladies like this↓ The chefs here select ingredients produced in Hokkaido mainly. That's why the vegetables and seafood are very fresh and delicious!

The salad is not special..............

The focaccia is not special, either. But............

Look at this pasta! How wonderful it is! The sea urchin was freshly caught in Hokkaido, and preserved in sterilized sea water without any additives. Sounds very delicious, doesn't it?

This is a great experience in this season only! Do you want to have a big bite? The Gagome kelp source adds more ocean flavor to this cold pasta!

I really enjoyed the lunch today, too!

■Where is Daimaru Department Store?

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