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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomato Noodles Vegie (トマト麺 Vegie) | Tomato Noodle Restaurant | Shiroishi in Sapporo

I've found a unique noodle restaurant in Shiroisihi, Sapporo!
Have you ever heard tomato noodles? If you haven't, plz go and enjoy this restaurant, "Tomato Noodles Vegie"↓

The restaurant is so fashionable that I guess ladies must love this atmosphere!!

We can see the chef cooking dishes, from the counter seats.

I took a seat in front of the kitchen and enjoying observing how to make the noodles :-)

This is a menu for lunch, having two sets mainly; a set of tomato noodles and roasted onigiri (rice ball), and a set of soybean milk noodles with mushrooms and roasted onigiri. I order the tomato noodles set, but both of them sounds very healthy!

Look at the tomato noodles! We eat the dish with chopsticks and a spoon.

The soup contains a lot of collagen from chicken bones, mixing with their original tomato sauce! And it is topped with a lot of seasonable vegetables! Very healthy, isn't it? :-)

The noodles are more like ramen than pasta, but I have to say it is a new type of noodles!

When you are about to eat up the noodles, the chef serves you a roasted onigiri with cheese.

Put it and mix it with the remaining soup.

You can enjoy cheese tomato risotto like this↓
Yummy x 2!

I'm so happy to find this restaurant serving unique and delicious noodles :-)
Why don't you try it?

■Where is Tomato Noodles Vegie?

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