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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tengu Manjyu (天狗まんじゅう) | Japanese Sweets Shop in Iwamizawa

There is a shop which local people really love and they serve inexpensive snacks to kids around this area! I love "Tengu manjyu (天狗まんじゅう)". Tengu means a Japanese long-nose gablin
and manjyu means a bean-jam bun. Hahahaha! Unique shop name, isn't it? This shop is located in front of JR Iwamizawa Station.

They serve several kinds of manjyu!

For example, the left ones are mugwort manjyu. The middle ones are Tengu manjyu, whose brown color is from brown sugar. And the right ones are white Tengu manjyu. All of them are steamed bean-jam buns and only 80 yen each.

They also serve deep-fried meat buns and deep-fried bean-jam buns (92 yen respectively), and

hot steamed meat buns and hot steamed beam-jam buns (80 yen respectively). 

I got some of them and ate them while they are hot! They serve freshly cooked these Japanese snacks! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

This is their leading product, "Tengu manjyu (pink)", a steamed bean-jam bun.

See!!! The bean-jam is wrapped with very soft steamed bun! This is a typical Japanese sweets!

This is a steamed meat bun! The meat part is a little bit sweet but they also use pepper and ginger!  Perfect desserts, aren't they? 
For little kids, they also serve mildly spicy manjyu which contain little pepper.

It includes some vegetables such as cabbage. Yummy x 2!

This is a deep-fried meat bun. Actually I love it the best. It is very crispy because they are deep-fried and the meat is very juicy!

It looks very delicious, isn't it? I enjoyed its sweetness and spiciness (pepper and ginger) at the same time! I love this balance!

Where is "Tengu manjyu"?

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