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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Japanese Green Tea Cafe "nana's green tea" in Sapporo Paseo

Do you want to drink green tea?

If so, you don't have to sit on your knees on a Japanese tatami mat nor wear kimono or Japanese traditional attire. Let's drink it casually. Come to Sapporo Paseo,

and find "nana's green tea" on the B1F!

You can eat Japanese rice-bowl cuisine like this,

but look at a wide variety of drinks!!! There are a lot of kinds of green tea drinks and desserts!

The cafe is very fashionable. When we went there, 100% of the customers here were ladies!!! Gentlemen, don't hesitate to eat and drink here! Hahahaha!!

Basically there are two kinds of tea base: green tea and green tea latte. If you like sweet green tea, plz order green tea latte.

I ordered a "tuna& avocado bowl" and "cold green tea".

The set includes miso soup.

To be honest, this was the first time to drink green tea very casually like this↓

If you like cream and azuki bean jam, how about this???

This is a tuna & avocado bowl!

Behind the two items, grated yam is also placed on the rice. Yummy x 2!!

Pour the special sesame-flavor soy source and take a big bite :)

This is another kind of tuna bowl↓ Which do you like better?? This one has slices of myoga, or Japanese gingers.

We also ordered this green tea dessert! Looks very delicious, doesn't it???

How about this green tea parfait???? If you cannot choose one out of a lot of dessert, plz come here again (or several times) and try the different one each time!

This parfait has delicious green tea ice cream and warabimochi or sweet bracken-starch dumpling.

Yummy x 2!

■Where is "nana's green tea"?

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■Tour guide information■
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