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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rakkyo Main Shop (らっきょ本店)| Soup Curry Restaurant in Sapporo

Sapporo has a lot of delicious local cuisines such as sushi, ramen, crabs, Jingisukan (Genghis Khan) - lamb BBQ - and so on..........

Actually soup curry is one of them. I'll show you one of the popular soup curry restaurants in Sapporo today.

The owner is on a TV commercial and you can get the curry soup in supermarkets throughout Japan. You must be interested in the main restaurant!

This restaurant is always packed with customers like this↓ During the lunch hours, you may wait for a while, but it's worth coming here!

This is an ordinary menu. You can choose the hotness of the soup from very mild to veeeeeeeeeery hot (for Japanese people) :-)

If you have never eaten soup curry, I recommend chicken curry, including several vegetables and a whole leg part.

They have special services during the lunch hours.
■A set includes salad and drink or gelato (plus 250 yen).
■B set includes juice or gelato (plus 110 yen)

I ordered two B sets because I want to drink juice and eat dessert, too!!!

As this restaurant is so popular that I often come here and have eaten almost all items on the ordinary menu, I ordered one of the monthly menus: "Summer special; coconut soup curry".

This is one portion of rice.

And this is the soup curry I ordered. Usually we eat rice dipped in the soup.
Look at the lettuce on the soup! It refreshes you during eating something spicy!

The ingredients are cut into large pieces like this↓ This is one of the characteristics of soup curry.

Look at this! The carrot is very big, isn't it??

The shimeji mushroom is also divided into the large amount!

I love seafood!  The clams are very plump!!

It has penne pasta, too! I guess it's a very unique ingredient for curry!

Giant tiger prawns really suit this coconut soup!

Look at the potato! It looks like a normal potato, but it isn't!

The restaurant uses different potatoes depending on the seasons.
Today they use a verity named "Northern ruby".  Why ruby????

This is purple pink inside!!! Looks very cute and actually very delicious!
It has more anthocyanin, which is good for your eyes and helps produce collagen in your skin! perfect, isn't???

I ordered their especial gelato sold this season only. Do you have any idea what flavor this is?

It's salt vanilla gelato! I love it!

There are a lot of soup curry restaurants in Sapporo and each has their own original recipe! Plz try some of them and compare them each other!

■Where is Rakkyo (main shop)?

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■Tour guide information■
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