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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miso Ramen with Naganegi Onion | Taiho (大鵬) | Ramen Restaurant | Kuriyama

In Kuriyama, 40 min. away from Sapporo, there is a famous ramen shop, which has a long line in front on of it any time you go. The most popular ramen there is miso ramen topped with a lot of sliced naganegi onion!

I'll show you the restaurant today!
I guess Kuriyama reminds a lot of ramen lovers of "Taiho", the ramen shop↓

In order to avoid a long line, we arrived there at around 1:30, but look at it! About 10 people were still waiting for the delicious ramen in front of the restaurant! Unbelievable!!

There are a lot of ramens on the menu, but I guess 90% of the customers order "miso ramen with naganegi onion".

It's not a big restaurant, but the ramen chef rhythmically and quickly cooks ramen and we don't have to wait for long time that you might imagine.

This is the miso ramen with naganegi onion!!!!! Yummy x 2!!!!
The naganegi is grown in Kuriyama, an agricultural area. It is mixed with hot miso paste.

This is miso ramen with naganegi onion and extra char siu (sliced pork). I ordered it because I love meat, too :-)

The portion is very big like this↓  I put my iPhone next to the ramen so that you can imagine the size!

The soup is also delicious! It's very rich and piquant! Other ramen shops cannot copy the art!

The char siu is very tender!

The noodles are like this↓ They use the noodles produced at Nishiyama seimen Inc., one of the traditional ramen noodle producers in Sapporo.

I like this menma (bamboo shoot), a typical ramen topping.

You can adjust the hotness with this chili oil, garlic, and hot miso paste.

It's worth eating this ramen, even through you have to drive for 40 min form Sapporo and wait for  20 min. averagely before you take a seat.

■Where is Taiho?

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■Tour guide information■
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