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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Windsor Hotel TOYA | Gilligan's Island (French/ Italian Restaurant) | Full-Course Lunch

I'm in the Windsor Hotel TOYA, which was the main conference site of 34th G8 summit held in Hokkaido, Japan.

We are being relaxed, listening to the flute and piano at the lobby.

The scenery from the lobby is terrific! We are very lucky! The weather is also wonderful!

This flower arrangement at the lobby is very beautiful!

How about this one in front of the elevators? We are impressed with the hotel.

Today, I had a lunch at a French/ Italian Restaurant "Gilligan's Island" on the 2nd floor.

This is a fashionable, but casual French and Italian restaurant!

 We enjoyed Mt. Yotei (1,893m) and

Lake Toya area form our seat!

I booked one of the best tables at this restaurant for us!

I'll show you a today's full course lunch!
We enjoyed abalone, squid, octopus, scallop caught in this area. The white form is made from turnip soup and local milk.

This greenling was caught in the Pacific just in front of this hotel! All of the vegetables were also produced in this area. The yellow source on the sliced French bread contains saffron and garlic!

 ■Grilled lamb
Both of the parts were very delicious, but I loved the shoulder part better than the leg part because it was very tender and juicy! The cabbage was very sweet!!  We were very happy!

■Ice cream (cumin) and cream brulee (Earl Grey)
Everybody said, "Wow" when they had the first bite! The spicy cumin and milk flavor was well-balanced! The cream brulee went well with strong tea flavor of Earl Grey!!! I love it!

After enjoying the lunch course, we went to the Summit Memorial Terrace, just outside of this hotel, and took our time!

Mt. Yotei from the terrace was sooooooooooooo beautiful.

So was Lake Toya!

We went to Lake Toya after that. I love the swan boat! Young couples usually enjoy this boat, keeping their private talks on the lake.

58 sculptures are displayed along the lake with the circumference of 43km and this is one of them.

We can enjoy the Windsor Hotel TOYA, and

Mt. Yotei from the lake shore again!

Last but not least, we took an ashi-yu, hot spring for feet only. This is free of charge and very relaxing! We could fully refresh our body and mind in the Lake Toya area!

If you are interested in another restaurant at the Windsor Hotel Toya, "MICHEL BRAS Toya Japon", a three-star restaurant recognized by the Michelin Red Guide, please refer to my other post→click!

Where is the Windsor Hotel TOYA?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Oyome-san said...

lucky day with the weather....when the Summit was there it was all misty I think?

K.K. said...

That's rigth! It was all misty! During the summit, everyone said, "The world leaders have received divine punishment" :-)
Anyway, we really enjoyed the lunch and ashi-yu♨

Anonymous said...

I'm feelling you fall in love of the Lake Toya ! It's so beautiful that I could be in the same situation when I will visite it!!!!


K.K. said...

Come to Hokkaido again! Lake Toya is very recommendable♪
Let's go to Hakodate, too! Hokkaido has a lot of attractions!!

Steve Green said...

Fantastic place.

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