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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miyo Fuku (みよ福)| Superior-Cost-Performance Sushi Restaurant | Otaru

I'm in Otaru City, which is very popular with its delicious sushi!

Plz imagine! You want to eat expensive sushi such as toro (high-class tuna), sea urchin, and abalone etc, but you have only 2,000 yen. Where should you go?

I know the answer!
It takes 5min. form JR Otaru Station to the sushi restaurant, near "Otaru Miyako Dori shopping arcade".

Voila!!!! This is "Miyo Fuku", a superior-cost-performance sushi restaurant in Otaru!

It's not a big restaurant, but very popular among local people here!

I took a counter seat as usual and chatted with the sushi chef!

Look at the price list! Tokujyo (特上), supreme sushi set, is 1,900 yen only!!! Can you believe it?

This is a tokujyo set! The set includes...................

■Mantis prawn
The very seasonable prawn reminds us of Otaru!

■Sea urchin
It was caught in Otaru!

I love it the best among white-fleshed fish.

■Toro (high-class tuna)
Can you believe that it is included in the 1,900-yen set????

■Sakhalin surf clam
It is very local clam.

Look at this! This is very translucent!!!

I like this texture and natural sweetness!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! The set includes this expensive ingredient, too!

Botanebi prawn
This is also very local prawn.

■Fried egg
It's very big!!

If you are a sushi lover, plz go to this sushi bar and enjoy the wonderful sushi set at the price of 1,900 yen only!

■Where is Miyo Fuku?

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■Tour guide information■
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