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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stone Hearth-Baked Bread (石窯パン) & Pizzeria Ripple (リップル) | Ishikari

Ishikari, 1 hr away from Sapporo, is a coastal city and blessed with delicious seafood and agricultural products.

I'll show you the best pizzeria & bakery in the city (or Hokkaido???).
It's really difficult to find the shop. When you find the first nameboard on the main street, go up a slope,

go straight the slope for a while,

and you can find the second nameboard. And then go up to the dirt road again,

and you'll arrived at the restaurant!

You will see the large amount of firewood in front of you! They use a stone hearth for bread and pizza! That's why their dishes are very delicious and popular!

The flowers are very beautiful around the shop!

When you come here during the lunch hours, you usually have to wait for about 1 hr before you take a seat, but it's worth coming here.

Using the waiting time, we enjoyed shopping at the bakery section. Unfortunately, when we arrived here at around 1:30, almost all bread was already sold out.

But we bought
The outside is very crispy but very fluffy inside!

■Noix raisin
It contains walnuts and raisins. I love these balance!! The texture of the bread is perfect!

■Pain de mie
They use flour produced in Hokkaido and natural yeast.

All of them were baked in the stone hearth and that's why the bread is very delicious!
Finally, we could enter the restaurant area after waiting for 1 hr.

There are large windows in front of the tables and we can enjoy the ocean and the city.

We can find wind-power plants toward north.

Now is the best season of asparagus in Hokkaido and they serve two kinds of asparagus pizza this month only. Of course, we ordered both of them :-)

This is a menu throughout the year and we picked one of the very standard but popular pizza.

It says why the pizza here is delicious. It is baked in stone hearth at the temperature of over 400 ℃. The dough is made from flour, yeast, water and salt only and fermented for a long time to extract the natural sweetness.

The ingredients including mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, Gorgonzola cheese, anchovy, caper, salami, and cheese are imported from Italy. They use delicious Hokkaido vegetable, too.

That is to say, the restaurant uses all the best things both from Italy and Hokkaido! Perfect :-)

This is iced coffee roasted in the stone hearth. The glass is simple but fashionable, isn't it?

This is grape juice.

We were waiting for the delicious pizza, while seating on the comfortable sofa.

Here comes the pizza!
This is the "Pizza with asparagus and prawns" cooked this month only.

The outside is very crispy but very fluffy inside! I love this tomato sauce and seasonal asparagus grown in this area!

This is another pizza in June only!

I love this Genovese sauce and Italian salami!

Don't miss the "Margarita Extra".
I think this is the king of the pizza! I love the mozzarella made of buffalo milk! Yummy x 2!

We enjoyed the lunch and the beautiful landscape in Ishikari.

■Where is Stone Hearth-Baked Bread& Pizzeria Ripple?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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