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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After enjoying hamburger and pork stake for lunch at RESTAURANT HARVEST (the previous post), we went to "HARVEST FARM - FARMER'S SWEETS SHOP" next to the restaurant.

It has a patio like this and we can enjoy and relax for a while! Actually the restaurant is so popular that we usually have to wait for at least 30 min. before we have lunch. It is very convenient to spend some time at the sweet shop or the patio!

Let's enter the shop!

The shop has a lot of things the we cannot find at supermarkets in big cities!

You can buy bread that we ate for lunch at the restaurant. The bread is made of flour produced in Ebetsu, near Sapporo!

Look at the dressings! They are colorful and cute! All of them are home-made and made of local ingredients!

The carrot dressing is bright orange! Cute, isn't it?! It contains a lot of carotene, sounding very good for our skin!

Have you ever seen a dressing like this pink???? It is made of local purple onions! Once I saw it, I love it! Of course, I bought it!

You can buy fresh vegetables that were picked this morning! I bought a "salad mix" at the cost of 150yen. I'm sure the vegetable goes well with the cute onion dressing above!

The shop has several unique cakes, too!

■Green soybean pudding
The beans are of course the local ones!

■ Veggie cake roll
The ingredients are depending on the harvest. This month they serve asparagus cake rolls!

■Pumpkin pie and tart
Pumpkins produced around here are very sweet and better suited for desserts!

I bought this freshly baked apple pies!

We enjoyed this hot dessert at the patio!

On the way home, I stopped over a butcher shop, bought beef (leg) suitable for eating raw, and cooked beef tataki.
It went well with the salad mix! Of course, I used the pink dressing for it! We could feel Hokkaido from the dinner, too! Yummy x 2!!!

■Where is "HARVEST FARM"?

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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