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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

2,000 yen Dinner| Bakery Restaurant "SAINT MARC (サンマルク)" | Sapporo

I'll show you a bakery restaurant, "SAINT MARC" today.

It has a cake & bakery corner in front of the restaurant area. 

This bakery is so popular that when I went there at around 6 PM, almost all bread were sold out!!

This is a restaurant area, which can accommodate a lot of people.
The location is good, too. It takes just 5 min. from the nearest subway station, "Horohirabashi", and it also has a big parking lot. Sounds convenient to everybody!!

I ordered this set menu, "Spring Flavor Course"! It is only 2,000 yen!!!! I'm satisfied with this superior cost performance :)

You can choose bread or rice, but this is a "bakery" restaurant. Why not ordering bread?
Surprisingly, I ate all kinds of bread that they served us today!!!

■Butter & Tomato

■Rye & Pumpkin Cheese

■Tomato Cheese & Sunflower

■Walnut & Sesame Cheese

I ate bread tooooooooooo much! But I was starving!!! Plz understand the situation :)

This is today's soup.
■Corn soup

■Salad: Spring vegetable & seafood

■Green soy bean Gratin

■Toro salmon with Japanese vinaigrette sauce  

■Herb tea & ice cream

I really enjoyed the dinner, chatting with my friends...........

Where is SAINT MARC?

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■Tour guide information■
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