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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NORTH-STAR RANCH Ushigoya-no-Aisu(牛小屋のアイス)| Ice Cream Shop in Yuni

Hokkaido is very famous for delicious ice cream. Today I'll show you one of my favorite shops, "NORTH-STAR RANCH Ushigoya-no-Aisu (牛小屋のアイス)" (Literally means "Ice cream at a cow shed") in Yuni, a town between Iwamizawa city and Chitose city.

The ice cream shop is in a huge compound including.............

Chibikko-Hiroba (open space for kids),

a dog run,

several sports facilities,

and a bakery!

This is the famous and popular ice cream shop!

This is a list of today's spacial ice cream including milk, pistachio, chocolate strawberry, caramel macadamia, cheese, raspberry, mix fruit, African banana, W cheese, Oreo, mille-feuille and so on! Everything sounds perfect! Actually everything tastes super-delicousl! Hahaha!

They also serve soft ice cream. Look at the monthly ice cream; "soft cheese cake". Sounds yummy x 2!!!

You can order your original ice cream, too. Your favorite ice cream can be mixed with your favorite fruits or cakes as you like! The special ice cream is named "maze-maze aisu (mix-mix ice cream). If you want to eat it, plz be in a hurry! It is usually sold out in the morning!

These are some of the examples↓

The shop is like this↓ How lovely it is!

We can also purchase cute goods in this shop.

Voila!!! What should we order???? I want to eat all of the ice cream♪ Hahaha!

Actually I ordered "soft cheese cake". This very creamy and milky ice cream is covered with lemon sauce which is a little bit sour! I love it!

How about "Mix Fruits" and "African Banana"? The Mix Fruits is sour, and the African Banana is sweet! Nice combination, isn't it? I really recommend this chocolate ice cream with banana! Wonderful!!!

Ingredients of "Mix Fruits" depend on the season. Look at the spring version↓
We ordered it with "Cassis Cherry", one of my favorite ice cream here. Yummy x 2!!! Chunks of fruits in the ice cream is so big and we can fully enjoy them!!

This is "Waccha Mochi (和っ茶もち)", different monthly ice cream in a different month. Two kinds of ice cream; vanilla soft ice cream and green tea ice cream are with some toppings; warabi mochi  (bracken-starch dumplings), shiratama (rice-flour dumplings) and adzuki bean jam! Perfect!!

Why don't you enjoy their delicious ice cream on the weekend??

■Where is "NORTH-STAR RANCH Ushigoya-no-Aisu(牛小屋のアイス)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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