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Thursday, June 02, 2011

"Gallery Toukyo & cafe Horno (ギャラリー 陶居 & cafe オルノ)" in Takikawa

A comfortable, relaxing space, "Gallery Toukyo & cafe Horno" is located in an agricultural area in Takikara, 2-hour drive from Sapporo. 

A ceramic artist, Koutaro Ohno, and his wife run this wonderful cafe & gallery on Friday to Sunday and national holidays only.

This area is stress-free, isn't it?

The sign is also his piece, welcoming all the visitors. I like this blue color, which can be often seen in his art works.

On the way to the doorway, we can enjoy his works and green like this! Wonderful collaboration, aren't they??!

The doorknob is one of his works. Welcome to his ceramics world!

On the 2nd floor (his gallery), you can appreciate his works.

His works have been displayed in famous museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY city, New Orleans Museum of Art in the US, Auckland Museum in New Zealand, and so on.

We can touch and feel his works to our heart content in this peaceful gallery without any audience usually. Why not enjoying this luxury time for a while?

On the 1st floor next to the cafe, there is a small shop so that you can purchase his art works.

Everywhere in their cafe, his works are displayed like this.

The very relaxing cafe and his ceramics create very unique atmosphere, which we cannot experience in a daily life.

This is a menu in this cafe. They serve dishes like pizza & pasta to drinks like coffee & wine to sweets like cakes, using carefully chosen ingredients.

I enjoyed the rural agricultural field through this window. The ceramic cup is also his work, going very well with some of the objects (his art pieces) in front of the window.

Everything is perfect to me! They also adhere to safe ingredients. For example, they serve home-made butter without any additives and coloring.
(Look at the stand! It is also his work!!!)

Here comes coffee! I love this ceramic cup (his work)!!

They use organically -grown local coffee beans!!! Furthermore, this is not normal iced coffee. It is "cold-brewed" ice coffee!! I love their taste and wonderful persistence to the ingredients and menu.

This is a milk pot (his work).

You can see the milk is separated. They use non-homogenized milk! That's why milk fat is separated. Wow wow wow! I really love their polices!!

I also ate this cake. Yummy x 2!!!

■Where is "Gallery Toukyo & cafe Horno"?

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■Tour guide information■
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