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Friday, June 10, 2011

Washo Fish Market (和商市場) | Katte-Don (Seafood Bowl) | Kushiro

Hokkaido is blessed with fresh seafood. It is surrounded with three kinds of sea; the sea of Japan, the Pacific ocean and the sea of Okhotsk. A lot of people love seafood bowls, which have several kinds of sashimi on the rice! But some of them might think if you could choose only your favorite sashimi on the bowl, it would be better. If you think so, go to Washo Fish Market!

It takes just two min. from JR Kushiro Station to Washo Fish Market, where you can enjoy "Katte-Don", a bowl of rice topped with your favorite sashimi only!!! Sounds perfect to everybody!

First, plz buy a bowl of rice. You can select the kinds of rice; plain rice or vinegared rice and the size of the rice.

Then select your favorite sashimi in many fish stores, where there are special cases for sashimi. The prices and kinds of sashimi are depending on the shops. Plz go around in the market and pick the best sashimi!

After making your "Katte-Don", let's compare with each other!
Look at the variety of "Katte-Don"! Half of our members put Ikura (salmon roe) on the bowl!

This "Katte-Don" has salmon, scallop, mackerel, crab, and finely chopped tuna.

This one has Tsubu shellfish or whelk, Hanasaki crab, octopus, and sea urchin.

Fish on this rice are caught off Kushiro only! Perfect!

This is mine!!! How do you like it? It has................


■Minke whale
I know this is controversial, but I love whale meat!

■Buto prawn
This is caught in the eastern part of Hokkaido only!

Engawa (fluke fin)
I love this nice-and-crunchy texture!

■Pacific saury
This fish reminds me of Kushiro! It is one of the popular fish around this area!

The market has several seafood restaurants and sushi bars, too.

*If you're interested in a seafood restaurant in the market, please refer to my another post→click here!

This market is a paradise to me :)

■Where is Washo Fish Market?

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■Tour guide information■
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