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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunset Course (夕日の道)| Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園)

Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園) is a 90.83 k㎡ on the Oshima Peninsula (渡島半島) in southwestern Hokkaido. The park encompasses Mt. Komagatake as well as Lake Onuma (大沼), Lake Konuma (小沼), and Lake Jyunsai (じゅんさい沼), which abut against the west slope of the mountain.

These lakes were created when mudflows due to eruptions of Mt. Komagatake dammed up depressions at the base of the mountain, now are dotted with watershields, and surrounded with birch and maple forests.

The park's most attractive area is located among three lakes. Four attractive walking courses let us explore the lakes' peninsulas and 126 islands, several of which are connected with each other by small bredges, in easy 15-60 minute walks.

Now, I'll show you the "Sunset Course(夕日の道)" among the four! It takes about 25 minutes to walk around Lake Konuma.

Let's park a car near Pension KAZA (ペンション風), and walk around the small lake!

Compared to Lake Onuma, there are not a lot of tourists here, and we can enjoy the nature in a peaceful atmosphere!

Look at the lake! We can easily find wildlife such as carps and

tadpoles in this lake.

This is Konuma Bridge (小沼橋). There are two bridges in this area.

When you come to Lake Konuma, please make sure to visit this view point!

It is beautiful in the day time, but.......................

It is more beautiful at dusk. That's way this walking trail is named the "Sunset Path".

Would you like to try local sweets? Located near JR Onuma Koen Station (大沼公園駅),

there is Numanoya (沼の家), a long-established local sweets shop founded in 1905.

They serve dumplings with sweet soy sauce, sesame, and red bean paste like this↓ Personally I recommend soy sauce and sesame source combination (right) rather than soy sauce and bean paste combination (left)!

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