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Monday, June 18, 2012

Island Tour Course (島巡りの路)| Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園)

Designated as a quasi national park, and located only 20km north of Kakodate (函館), Onuma Park (大沼公園) is konwn for its picturesque, island dotted lakes and majestic dormant volcano, Mt. Komagatake.

Onuma Park can be easily visited in either a day trip from Hokodate, or on a stop over on a journey between Hakodate and Sapporo, since most limited express trains between the two major cities stop at Onuma Koen Station (大沼公園駅).

The park's most attractive area is located among three lakes; Lake Onuma (大沼), Lake Konuma (小沼), and Lake Jyunsai (じゅんさい沼) and can be explored entirely on foot! Four attractive walking courses let us explore the lakes' peninsulas and 126 islands, several of which are connected with each other by small bridges, in easy 15-60 minute walks.

Now, I'll show you the "Island Tour Course (島巡りの路)" among the four! It takes about 50 minutes from Kogetu Bridge (湖月橋) to Koen Hiroba (公園広場).

This is Kogetu Bridge (湖月橋)↓

This area is known for its masses of water lilies. When I'll be back here next month, I'm sure we can enjoy the beautiful flowers on the lake!

Look at Mt. Komagatake (1,132m), which local people believe looks like a horse back.

Actually we were with a nature guide, and could learn a lot about the lakes. If you are interested in the nature, I recommend this option!

 Next, we crossed "Kinpa Bridge (金波橋). I like this stone bridge!!!

All my tour guests were impressed with the walking path!

 Between Hakamagosi Bridge (袴腰橋) and

Hinode Bridge (日の出橋), there is a famous view point.

Please take a lot of pictures here, or enjoy this soothing atmosphere!!

Ukisima Bridge (浮島橋) and

Wakasagi Bridge (公魚橋) have the same structure like this↓

Look at the swan boat and sightseeing boat! Actually we later enjoyed the sightseeing boat tour, too!

Do you like wildlife? We can easily encounter wild birds such as mallards and

kites in this park!

Azaleas are very beautiful in the spring time!

When you find the masses of azaleas, the goal is around the corner!

This is Koen Hiroba (公園広場). Mt. Komagatake is very beautiful!!

How about squid ink karinto (a kind of fried dough cookies)? Hakodate area is famous for its squid, and we can eat something unique like this↓ Hahaha!

If you want to try the cookies, they are available in Tenboukaku (展望閣), a souvenir shop in the park!

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■Where is "Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園)"?

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