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Monday, June 18, 2012

Japanese Crane Reserve (釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園)| Kushiro

In August 1958, the "Japanese Crane Reserve (釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園)" was opened with five released Japanese cranes, or red-crested cranes in Kushiro area with the aim of protecting and reproducing this endangered species.

Now they have 13 cranes here, and the staff here said some eggs would hatch out in about a week! The spring is the breeding season for them, and it is very rare to see flying cranes in the nature now, but you may see chicks fresh out of the shell in this park!!

First, we've learned details on red-crested cranes in the museum section. Do you know when they are angry, the red part on the head becomes bigger? Or young cranes don't have the red part on the head like this?
*Adult crane←Young crane←Chick←Egg
After learning the bird, we went out the field! These are not cages, but fences to avoid their territorial battles.

I love this camera hole! Very cute, isn't it??

Wow! Wow! Wow! There are a lot of red-crested cranes around here!

We were so excited to take pictures!!!

 Look at the young crane without the red part on the head!

He flew toward us several times!!

When you come here at end of May, you may see double cherry blossoms in full bloom!

Last, but not least, we enjoyed delicious ice cream just outside of this reserve! Actually this stand serves one of the most delicious ice cream around this area!

 It contains a lot of fresh cream!! Yummy x 2!!

Ops! One of my guests fed a brown beer!! Hahaha!

■Where is "Japanese Crane Reserve (釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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