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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ken & Marry Tree (ケンとメリーの木), Seven Stars Tree (セブンスターの木), and Zerubu-no-Oka (ぜるぶの丘)| Patchwork Road | Biei

Biei (美瑛)is a small town surrounded by a picturesque landscape of gently rolling hills and vast fields. A pleasant way to enjoy the charm of Biei is by cycling or driving through the hills and visiting some of the flower fields and famous trees along the way. The area northweat of the town center is named the "Patchwork Road" and the area sourth of the town center the "Panorama Road".

We rented a mountain bike near JR Biei Station (JR美瑛駅), and headed for a flower park and the "Patchwork Road (パッチワークの路)" first!

It takes only 10 - 15 minutes from the station to "Zerubu-no-Oka (ぜるぶの丘)", a 2 ha-flower park.

It is too early to enjoy flowers, but we enjoyed the panoramic views from the park.

Just for reference, we can explore not only on foot but also by various types of carts.

We were so relaxed!!

 In the flower seasons from the mid-June to September,

we can enjoy beautiful flowers such as salvias, lavenders, roses, snapdragons, cockscombs, poppies and begonias.

From the "Atomu-no-Oka (亜斗夢の丘)" in the same compound

we can enjoy "Ken & Marry Tree (ケンとメリーの木)", a poplar tree, which was made famous in a 1972 Skyline TV commercial.
* Skyline made by Nissan Motor Co. was one of the popular cars at that time.

Over the decades, the area's beauty has attracted the attention of marketing professionals, and some trees were used in commercials or for package label designs.

Well, well, well,  returned to the "Patchwork Road (パッチワークの路)"and started to enjoyed the hills and famous trees directly!

First, I arrived at the "Ken & Merry Tree". Each famous tree has a panel like this, and we can enjoy the background.

I love this hilly landscape!

The scenery is changed depending on the season and year.

Look at the snow-capped mountains! How beautiful they are!!!

Turn left to go to another famous tree!

Yes! This is exactly like a patchwork!

Everything here is soothing!

We've arrived at "Seven Star Tree (セブンスターの木)", a famous oak tree that was once used on the Seven Stars tobacco.

We fully enjoyed this beautiful town!!!

After that, we went back to JR Biei Station (JR美瑛駅), and headed for JR Bibaushi Station (JR美馬牛駅) to enjoy the "Panorama Road (パノラマロード)"!
* If you're interested in the "Panorama Road", please refer to my other blog→.

■Where is the "Patchwork Road"?

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■Tour guide information■
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