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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mathematics Walking Trail (数学の道)| Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園)

Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園) is located about 30 km north of Hakodate, the third largest city in Hokkaido. This park consists of Mt. Komagatake, an active volcano, and three lakes; Lake Onuma (大沼), Lake Konuma (小沼), and Lake Junsai (じゅんさい沼), all of which were formed through a volcanic activity about three hundred years ago.

This park is so picturesque that a lot of tourists as well as artists and celebrities often visit this area!

See?? It's beautiful!!

One of the fans is Heisuke Hironaka (広中 平祐), a worldwide mathematician who got a Fields prize! He loves this park, and named a walking trail by Lake Onuma the "Mathematics Walking Path (数学の道)"↓

Every year the "Ingenuity Seminar (創才セミナー)" is held at the "Hokkaido Onuma International Seminar House (大沼国際セミナーハウス)"↓, and elementary and junior high students, who are the winners of the Mathematics Olympics, are invited to this activity.

Let's walk along the walking path for a while!

Wow! We've found some holes which were made by brown beers!

Look at the hole made by black woodpeckers! Now a different bird is using it!

We really enjoyed the walking path with a nature guide!

Would you like to try very local sweets? Located near JR Onuma Koen Station (JR大沼公園駅),

Friendly Beer (フレンドリーベア), a souvenir shop, serves very unique flavors of soft ice cream, such as

milk, chocolate, Toyoura Strawberry (豊浦いちご), Yubari Melon (夕張メロン), and Squid Ink (いかすみ)!!!!!

Of course, I tried it!!!Hahaha! It's really recommendable! Have you tried squid ink pasta? It's delicious, right? Why not squid ink soft ice cream???

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