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Monday, June 25, 2012

Niikuraya Souhonpo (新倉屋総本舗)| Japanese Sweets Shop | Otaru

If you want to eat genuine Japanese sweets in Otaru, I recommend "Niikuraya Souhonpo (新倉屋総本舗)", which has more than 100 years history↓

"Niikuraya (新倉屋)" reminds a lot of people of rice dumplings↓ Of course this is the No.1 popular item in this shop.

There are five kinds of toppings; sweet sauce, sesame, white bean, red bean, and green tea flavored been paste.

I ate the sesame one. Yummy x 2!!!

This is rice dumpling with some walnut, the No. 2 popular item in this shop.

Of course I bought it! It has long loved by a lot of people!!

How about seasonal specialties?
This is a tomato rice dumpling!

It has tomato-flavored bean paste in it. They use "Peach Boy(桃太郎)", local brand tamatoes!

Looks very cute, isn't it?

This is also a seasonal product, summer orange cake.

I think this is a perfect summer gift!

Wow! Tastes citrus and delicious! 

They serve something innovative, too. Look at this↓ This is a new type of Dorayaki (どら焼き), which is traditionally a bean paste pancake, but the new version has a fresh cream and rum raisin

When you come to Otaru, why don't you try something very Japanese? We can eat their Japanese sweets with free green tea service at this shop.

■Where is "Niikuraya Souhonpo (新倉屋総本舗)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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