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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sightseeing Boat Tour (遊覧船): 30 minutes | Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園)

Onuma Quasi National Park (大沼国定公園) is dominated by Mt. Komagatake (駒ケ岳), an active volcano about 1,200m high, which is the easiest recognizable feature of the landscape in this part of southern Hokkaido. The name Onuma refers to the large number of swamps, wetlands, and lakes at the base of the volcano.

There are sightseeing boat tours offered once a hour, lasting about 30 minutes (960 yen per person).

Scenery from the boat was marvelous!!

126 islands are dotted in the lakes. Amazing, aren't they?

Is it a rock or an island? Hahaha!

Look at Mt. Komagatake (1,132m), which local people believe looks like a horse back.

If you book a sightseeing boat in advance, you can enjoy an English announcement service on the boat! My tour guests and I could learn a lot about this park through this service!

Each island has each characteristics! We had a wonderful experience to see these islands which we cannot see from the walking trails!

We enjoyed the mountain from several different angles!

Super beautiful, isn't it?

The boat has a small deck, and we can enjoy the wonderful scenery with comfortable fresh breeze! Now is the best season to see azaleas!

Time flies so quickly!

We really enjoyed the sightseeing boat tour!!

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