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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tamanoyu (玉乃湯)| Hot Spring Hotel | Noboribetsu

Noboribetsu is a hot spring paradise! If you want to stay a homey hot spring inn, how about "Tamanoyu (玉乃湯)?

Let's enter it!
This hot spring hotel is an annex of Takinoya (滝乃家).

While Takinoya (滝乃家) is one of the high-end hotels in Noboribetsu, Tamanoyu (玉乃湯) is a very homely and cozy hot spring inn!
(If you are interested in Takinoya (滝乃家), please refer to my other post→.)

This is my room↓ We can enjoy Japanese room with wonderful scenery!

I really recommend their hot spring! This inn is not so big that we can enjoy peaceful atmosphere in the outdoor hot spring area!

The water contains a lot of sulfur (more than 2mg sulfur/1kg water), which makes your skin more beautiful!

We don't have to prepare shampoo and conditioner by ourselves!

One of my favorites in the hotel is their delicious meal!!! This restaurant area has...........

Irori fireplaces like this! Looks very Japanese, doesn't it? We can enjoy Japanese BBQ on them!!

I'll show you our dinner course. Are you ready?
(The menu changes depending on the month)

■Appetizer: bracken tofu
It is served very beautifully!!

■Hors d'oeuvre: whelk, field mustard with mustard, deep-fried broad beana horsebeana fava (bean), sea bream with cherry blossom petals
We really enjoyed this sophisticated hors d'oeuvre! The beans are always picked the same day, and unfaded!!!

■Sashimi: Otanebi prown, scallop, and salmon
This scallop was caught off Noboribetsu, and very fresh and sweet!! I love it!!

Here come the Japanese BBQ time!
We can choose our favorite items!!

I chose everything! Hahaha!

I love landlocked masu salmon especially! Yummy x 2!!!

■Salmon stew
This stew reminds me of Hokkaido!!! It is called Ishikari nabe, very famous local dish!

■Chawanmushi with seasonable bamboo shoots
Cool! I love something seasonable available only in this season!

■ Vinegared mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus and Sphaerotrichia divaricate, types of edible seaweed)
We cannot stop drinking! Hahaha! Grated Chinese yam is on the top!

■Bamboo shoot rice
Super delicious!!! I love bamboo shoots!!

We enjoyed collagen soup and pickles other than the dishes I introduced to you on this post.
After the dinner, we enjoyed desserts!

■Apple, grape, and strawberry
Look at the grape! It looks like a small flower! How about the strawberry? It looks like a ladybird!!

■Homemade soft chocolate
Perfect! Yummy x 2! We are all full!!

We really enjoyed the dinner course!

Well, well, well, this is a breakfast set!

Each portion is small so that we can enjoy many kinds of local foods for breakbast!

This is hot spring egg; egg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft!

Homemade tofu was on the salad! Yummy x 2!!!

This yogurt is also homemade!!

Near this hotel, there is a cherry blossom view point.

We enjoyed double cherry blossoms from the heart! How lucky we are!!

■Where is Tamanoyu (玉乃湯別館 玉乃湯)?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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Hi K.K

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K.K. said...

>Mel Chan
This is the link of this hotel.

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