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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uni Murakami (うに むらかみ函館本店)| Sea Urchin Restaurant | Hakodate

If you want to eat delicious sea urchin in Hakodate, I recommend "Uni Murakami (うに むらかみ函館本店)" in Fish Market area (朝市エリア) near JR Hakodate Station.

They serve a lot of kinds of sea urchin dishes like this! Wow! I want to eat everything! Hahaha!

Let's enter it!
Very fresh seafood is used in this restaurant! Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

I love this tatami table seat. It looks like a tatami floor, but actually tatami mats are on normal chairs! Hahaha!

What should I order??? Sea urchin bowls are the most recommendable dishes in this restaurant, but...............

I've found a very reasonable set named "Sea Urchin B Set (生うにB定食)". It is only 1,365 yen! Wonderful!

The panel shows the fishing sites for the dishes they serve today. Of course, they use sea urchin caught only in Hokkaido!


This is an appetizer; boiled squid and shrimps with sea urchin sauce. Yummy x 2!!!

This is "Sea Urchin B Set (生うにB定食)"! This sea urchin is so fresh that it does not need any food preservative! Yummy x 2!!
Are you ready? I'll open the lid!

How do you like it? Wonderful!!! More than perfect!!

Looks very fresh, doesn't it? Actually it is very very very delicious!!!

I enjoyed as it is first, and.................

put it on the rice, and eat it as a sea urchin bowl! Perfect!
Again, it is only 1,365 yen!!! Unbelievable!

Look at this↓ I've found another wonderful thing! This is sea urchin salt, 80 % of which is dried sea urchin! I've never seen such a delicious condiment! Of course, I bought it! Hahaha!

Hakodate is a seafood paradise!

■Where is "Uni Murakami (うに むらかみ函館本店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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