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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

COBORI (古母里)| Japanese Restaurant & Cafe | Mikasa

I love restaurants which was renovated from traditional Japanese folk houses. Today I'll show you "COBORI (古母里)" located in Mikasa.

See?? Looks very traditional, doesn't it? Let's enter it!

I really miss this sliding door! Yes! Typical traditional houses have this kind of door!

A tatami room with an alcove............ This restaurant cafe is like my grandmother's home!

Probably 90 % of customers here order their today's special. But I wanted to eat something else, too, and asked the chef what is recommendable except the lunch set. He said, "Udon noodles and curry are also delicious!" Then I ordered today's special and curry udon!
(*They also serve some traditional Japanese desserts, too!)

This is today's special, which is the most popular lunch set here! The set has seven kinds of very healthy Japanese dishes! Perfect!

This potato salad includes slices of apples! Yummy x 2!! We also enjoyed seasonable ingredients such as herring and bracken!

Hijiki seaweed contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium. I love Japanese food because high in nutrition and low in fat!

 The salad was so fresh and we could enjoy each texture!! Yummy x 2!!!

I really recommend this bonito with kimchi sauce! The set has two kinds of spring fish, and we really enjoyed this season from our tongue!

This is curry udon!

They use Inaniwa udon, very elastic and chewy noodles. Wonderful!! The soup is so delicious that I drank it up! Hahaha!

 Look at the cash register!! This restaurant is like a small museum!

There are tatami seats as well as table seats here so that non-Japanese people can fully enjoy the Japanese house and dishes!

■Where is "COBORI (古母里)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

Looks like home-cooked dishes, nice!

K.K. said...

Yes, but the set is much much more delicious than home-cooked dishes! Perfect♪

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