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Friday, May 04, 2012

Higashichitose BBQ (東千歳バーベキュー)| Chicken BBQ Restaurant | Chitose

Hokkaido has a lot of unique restaurants! How about "Higashichitose BBQ (東千歳バーベキュー)" located near New Chitose Airport?

This cow shed-like restaurant is at the edge of Chitose city, but..................

Look at the looooooooooooooong queue!!! This is an unbelievably popular BBQ restaurant!!

Famous TV stars come here all the way from Tokyo, and TV programs sometimes feature this restaurant!

We waited for about one hour outside of the building, and entered it.
Look at the inside filled with smoke!!!!! This is like a site of "mass murder with coal briquette conducted by a cult"! Hahaha!
We continued crying and crying with smoke!!!!

This is the menu!
They serve chicken only. So BBQ on the board means chicken BBQ! If you want to drink something, please serve yourself here! Interesting system, isn't it???

Cheers! We enjoyed non-alcohol beer first!

It's show time!!
One portion is consist of two chunks of chicken meat (a half body of chicken).

The restaurant staff seasons the meat with "secret" salt and pepper!

Then we grill it over charcoal!

Looks very yummy x 2!!!

Their stir-fried vegetables are also recommendable!!! It looks delicious, but.............

as they use special seasonings and oil, stir-fry it until slightly brown!! Yummy x 2!!!

I like this aluminum dish, which is very nostalgic!!!!

 Let's start to eat!!!

Break the meat, and eat it!

Break the meat again, and eat it again! Hahaha!

Why is their chicken so delicious? Do they use slightly-marinated meat or special charcoal?? Nobody knows! This is a restaurant secret!

When you come here, please consider the waiting time, too!
As the restaurant is filled with smoke, I recommend you to wear casual clothes! I love their super-delicious chicken!!!

■Where is "Higashichitose BBQ (東千歳バーベキュー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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