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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Urausu Shrine (浦臼神社)| Habitat of Corydalis Ambigua and Dogtooth Violet | Urausu

Spring has come in Hokkaido! Have you ever seen a habitat of Corydalis ambigua and dogtooth violets? You must be impressed with the beauty after reading this post!!!

Urausu Shrine is near Mitinoeki (Roadside Station) Tsurunuma (道の駅つるぬま). Please park your car there, and let's go!!!

I was so excited that I ran up the steps very quickly!!! I could't wait!!! Hahaha!

This is the main hall of Urausu Shrine (浦臼神社), which was constructed in 1910.

Well, well, well, are you ready?
This is like a flower carpet!!! 

The precinct is filled with Corydalis ambiguae!!! Beautiful, aren't they???

We were so impressed with the seasonable flowers in the spring time!!!

This flower usually blooms at the end of April to the early May!

If you want to see them, please be in a hurry!!!

How about the violet carpet??

This shrine is very famous for a habitat of Corydalis ambigua and dogtooth violets.

From the shrine, Urausu Park can be enjoyed like this↓

I love this town very much!!!

I'll be back to this town in a wine-making season. Actually there is a famous winery in this town!!

■Where is "Urausu Shrine (浦臼神社)"?

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