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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sarashina Shokudou (更科食堂)| Soba Restaurant | Mikasa

Mikasa is a small city, which was flourished in the coal mining industry in the 19th to 20th industry. The city still has a lot of historical buildings which was built at its peak, and recently renovated as other facilities such as restaurants.
Today I'll show you "Sarashina Shokudou (更科食堂)", a very popular soba restaurant with 86-year history in this city.

Let's enter it!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Immediate after we entered the restaurant, we could feel the 20th-century atmosphere!!! The poster, menu boards, tables are very retro-flavored!!!

Look at the clock and stove in the good old days! It was the first time to see these types for 20 years or so............

We were also surprised at the menu! How cheap all of them are!!!!

First, we ordered this hot udon. Why??? This container is very quaint!!! Are you ready??

See? It is very nostalgic!! 

The udon noodles themselves are very elastic and chewy, and super delicious♪

When we come here, we should order this soba!!!

This is a typical sarashina soba, a high quality soba for which only white part of buckwheat is used.

The noodles are very whitish and tasty!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed sobayu or water left in the pot after soba is boiled. Yummy x 2!!

I really recommend this cozy, nostalgic restaurant!

■Where is "Sarashina Shokudou (更科食堂)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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