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Saturday, May 05, 2012

DOME RESTAURANT Kitakitsune (北喜常)| Tsukigata

If you want to enjoy foods and ingredients produced in Tsukigata, why don't you go to "DOME RESTAURANT Kitakitsune (北喜常)" near Tsukigata hot spring? This dome building was constructed by the owner! It is so outstanding that you cannot miss it!

Let's enter it!!

The chef told me that their meat dishes are very recommendable!! Sounds wonderful!!!

Look at the board! They use local and seasonable ingredients!!! I love this concept!!

Here comes beef steak! This salad is very very fresh and yummy x 2!!! Actually Tsukigata is a famous agricultural town in Hokkaido!

I love beeeeeeeef!!!!

Looks perfect!

I poured their home-made green perilla sauce over the sirloin, and enjoyed it! Yummy x 2!!!

But actually this set was much much better!!!!

Do you have any idea what it is on the pork steak?

This is grated mountain horseradish grown in this town. Mountain horse radish in Hokkaido is different from wasabi horseradish, and we eat it with steak like this as well as with rice or fish! We really enjoyed this seasonable ingredient only during the spring time!!!

Would you like to eat it?? Hahaha!

How about sperm eggs, whose mothers are raised on floor level? Of course they are produced in Tskigata!
We ordered this natto produced in this town, too!

The beans taste very thick and tastey! Yummy x 2!!!

Look at the egg! The yolk is raised, and looks very appetizing, doesn't it?? (Yes, of course!!!)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Tastes very rich!!!!

Last but not least, we ordered milk fresh from a cow raised in this town!

We fully enjoyed ingredients in this town today!!!
Just for reference, the season of mountain horseradish is very limited, but we can buy it at this restaurant now! 

Tsukigata is also famous for tomatoes. How about their tomato juice???

Their home-made jam looks very tastey! Of course, the ingredients are produced in this town!

■Where is "DOME RESTAURANT Kitakitsune (北喜常)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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