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Monday, May 07, 2012

Kamome Shokudou (かもめ食堂)| Diner | Muroran

I've watched several TV shows featuring "food fighting", and actually I experienced it today!
This is "Kamome Shokudou (かもめ食堂)", a very popular diner among young men who eat a lot!

Look at the menu! All of them are very cheap, from 400 to 800 yen!!!
When you come here, please order............

"Pork Cutlet Fighting Rice (カツファイテンングライス)"! I guess more than 90% of their customers order this one. As I'm a beginner food fighter, I ordered the normal portion, but if you have a HUGE stomach, please try the super mega portion (得盛)! Hahaha!

This is "Pork Cutlet Fighting Rice (カツファイテンングライス)"!

A big portion of fried rice is under.................

curry! Sounds very high calorie food!!

Don't forget pork cutlet on the top!!!

Please eat them together!!!

While we were eating, the owner came to our table, saying "Would you like to eat salad and miso soup, too?"
We said, "Yes!!" How lucky we are! These are not included in our bill, but presents from the owner! Thank you very much♪

Next time, I'll order the super-mega portion in order to be a real food-fighter!!!

■Where is "Kamome Shokudou (かもめ食堂)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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