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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sumitomo Ponbetsu Coal Mine (住友奔別炭坑)| Largest Shaft in Asia | Mikasa

Ikusyunbetsu (幾春別) in Mikasa had once flourished in the coal mining industry. In 1880, this coal mine was found by the government, and developed by the private sector.

This shaft was constructed in 1960. It is 51m high and 750m deep, the largest shaft in Asia at that time. Actually we cannot tell Hokkaido history without coal mining. There were more than 100 coal mines in Hokkaido at its best!

It was said that this shaft could be used for 100 years, but closed in 1971 partly due to cheaper imported coal.

This is a coal dressing building. Please imagine how huge the coal industry was in the 19th to 20th century!

At the entrance of the "Sumitomo Ponbetsu Coal Mine (住友奔別炭坑)", we can learn their history with the board.

Houses for miners still remain near this site,

Near the coal mine, there is a small shinto shrine named "Ikusyunbetu Shrine (幾春別神社)". Let's go upstairs!

This is a main hall.

I can imagine a lot of people came here to pray for their prosperity at that time!

The area itself is like an outdoor museum for me!

I really enjoyed the history of Hokkaido today!

■Where is "Sumitomo Ponbetsu Coal Mine (住友奔別炭坑)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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