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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Montorgueil (モントルグイユ)| French Bistro | Sapporo

"Montorgueil (モントルグイユ)" is my favorite French Bistro located near Nishi 11 Chome subway station.

They serve three kinds of prix fixe lunch sets during Friday to Sunday. We can choose our favorite appetizer, main, and desserts among several choices! Perfect, isn't it??

Look at this board!!! I love black pigs (Berkshire pigs) produced in Niikappu, Hokkaido. In addition to that, they serve it with mountain horseradish sauce, a very seasonable sauce!! Yummy x 2!!!


This cabbage soup is my favorite. It's very creamy!!! We fully enjoyed the spring vegetable soup!!!

This patty includes foie gras and truffle! How wonderful it is! It really suits with wine!!

This patty includes pork tongue and gristle! The combination of several kinds of texture is perfect!!!

At this moment, we noticed that we need a bottle of wine! Their delicious dishes made us very thirsty!! Hahaha!
Here comes their home-made bread! Yummy x 2!!!

We ordered "DRAPPIER"! You may think we were eating dinner sets, but actually lunch sets! We enjoyed a bottle of champagne during the daytime! Hahaha!

Look at the scallop and Sakhalin surf clam, both of which were caught off Hokkaido! I love very fresh seafood like this! Very sweet and tasty!!!
Don't forget the green asparagus!! Hokkaido vegetables taste very thick and rich!!!

This bouillabaisse was very appetizing. Of course we enjoyed all of the soup with their home-made bread! It includes read sea bream, scallop, squid, and octopus........ I really enjoyed very seasonable seafood!!!

In my opinion, this is the most recommendable dish today!! Grilled fresh foie gras is on truffle risotto rolled with conger eel!

Grilled rissoto tastes very rich, and foie gras taste richer. Conger eel works as a coordinator between them.......... I'll be back to eat this dish soon again!!!

Hokkaido is famous for its lamb! This is produced in Shiranuka. Spring reminds me of milk lamb! Yummy x 2!!!

You may not know the thickness of the meat! Actually the pork steak is 5 or 6 cm thick! Black pork (Berkshire pigs) produced in Niikappu tastes very delicious! If you have a chance, please try it! White asparagus season has come to Hokkaido! We fully enjoyed seasonable ingredients today!

I love mille-feuille! We should eat it with strawberries, very seasonable fruit!!! The milk ice cream is also yummy s 2!!!

We also ate chocolate tart with coconut ice cream! Hahaha!

Last but nut least, we enjoyed yuzu citrus tea!

This resraurant serves lunch sets only during Friday to Sunday. It is so popular that I recommend you to make a reservation in advance!

■Where is "Montorgueil (モントルグイユ)"?

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