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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hanagokoro (花ごころ)-- Izakaya Restaurant | Former Otaru Branch of Yasuda Bank (旧安田銀行小樽支店) | Otaru

Would you like to learn the history of Otaru city, and eat lunch at the same time? Is so, how about "Hanagokoro (花ごころ)" near JR Otaru Station. It used to be a former Otaru branch of Yasuda Bank (旧安田銀行小樽支店), and now it is used as an izakaya restaurant!

In the 20th century, this city was an economic hub in Hokkaido, and had a lot of branches of famous banks. This is one of them. The Grecian architectural style was very popular at that time, and massive columns were a primary feature!

It is designated as a historic landmark of Otary city.

We've learned its history first, and then entered this izakaya!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Cherry blossoms welcomed us!!!

Each room has a Japanese-style table and partitions like this, except a big table at the center.

This is an izakaya, but we can order lunch sets, too!

How about all-you-can-eat-style-sushi (2,520 yen/ 60 mins)? Sounds very Otaru!

We ordered a today's special.

■Grilled red fish
Hot, hot, hot!

Hot, hot, hot, again! Hahaha!

■Deep-fried rockfish
Otaru is famous for its fresh seafood, and we could enjoy it a lot!

■Simmered pork
Its seafood is wonderful, but don't forget meat!!! This is very tender!

We really enjoyed the lunch set in the historical building!

Their dishes and dessert is not so special, but this atmosphere is very special, isn't it??

After lunch, we went upstairs, and enjoyed the 20th century building from the second floor!

The windows, doors, and corridors are Grecian architectural style, and we experienced "time slip" to the Showa era!

Do you have any idea what it is now? It used to be a money safe of the bank, but now it is used as a toilet!!!

We really enjoyed their lunch in the very unique atmosphere!

■Where is "Hanagokoro (花ごころ)", the Former Otaru Branch of Yasuda Bank (旧安田銀行小樽支店)?

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■Tour guide information■
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