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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hakodate Misuzu (函館 美鈴)| Coffee Shop | Sapporo

It's very hot in Sapporo these days. There are a lot of ice cream shops in the city, but if you like coffee and ice cream, I recommend this shop, "Hakodate Misuzu", which serves coffee ice cream. Sounds perfect for both coffee lovers and ice cream lovers!!

This is a coffee specialized shop and you can buy a lot of kinds of coffee beans or tools here, of course.

But don't forget the ice cream section! They also serve three kinds of soft ice cream; coffee, milk, and latte flavors. What should I order???

After all, I ordered latte flavored ice cream, which is filled with coffee flavor!!! The coffee shop's coffee ice cream is more delicious than I expected!

Do you want to try it??

The shop also runs a cafe next to this coffee shop. Please relax, drinking delicious coffee there! 

■Where is "Hakodate Misuzu"?

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■Tour guide information■
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