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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BARNES | Ice Cream Shop in Miyanomori Area | Sapporo

BARNES is a famous ice cream shop near Maruyama Park or Hokkaido shrine.

It is packed with customers all the time even in the winter time. Please fine this ice cream object on the main street↓ The parking lot is not big. Be careful!!

Let's enter the shop!

The eat-in space is so fashionable, isn't it? I love ice cream here as well as this atmosphere!

They serve two kinds of ice cream: "Rich Milk" and a monthly special. The monthly special flavor in July is "Ecuadorian Chocolate". 

Do you want to know the history of the monthly specials?
Let me show you some of the examples. They have served "Milk Caramel", "Ruhuna tea", "Uji Green Tea", "White Sesame", "Black Sesame", "Hazelnut"、"Ethiopian Mocha" and so on.

This is "Rich Milk", which is like cold fresh cream rather than normal soft ice cream, but you don't feel it very fatty! If you are an ice cream lover, plz try it!

This is July's special; "Ecuadorian Chocolate", which is not very sweet and has strong cacao mass flavor!!! I love it!

I believe that other ice cream shops cannot make such delicious ice cream like this!

■Where is BARNES?

■Tour guide information■
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