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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Organic Soup Colombo (オーガニックスープ コロンボ)| Soup Restaurant | Sapporo

This is one of my favorite restaurants, "Organic Soup Colombo" near JR Sapporo Station. The owner selects organic ingredients, including vegetables, bread, butter, and so on. Sounds very healthy, doesn't it?

The restaurant is in the Sapporo International Building, which holds "Thanks Fair" until the 10th of July, and you can get a 50 yen discount coupon at each shop here! How lucky we are♪

This restaurant has a lot of set menus, all of which include delicious soup from standard to seasonal limited one!

This is the soup menu and they usually serve 6 or 7 kinds of soup like this↓ I recommend cold soup in the summer time!

The bagels are also recommendable!

I like this atmosphere. It is not a big, but very cozy restaurant!

Here comes the salad set!

Look at the salad! Organic vegetables and pork (which contains a lot of Vitamin C) are a perfect combination in the summer time! We can get energy from the salad!

I chose the "cold spinach soup"! It's very delicious and healthy, containing a lot of Vitamin A, B, C and other minerals! As it is a hot day today, I really love this cold soup!

The bread and butter is also organic! You can choose rice or bread, but I recommend bread here!

The set includes a small dessert, too.

This is a hamburger steak set.

The sunny-side up really suits the hamburger steak!

The soup served here are depending on the season and they switch the menu every week.
Look at some of the examples! All of them are delicious!

You can take out any soup! If it's cold, you can drink it like juice, while walking on the street!

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■Where is "Organic Soup Colombo"?

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