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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seasonal Fish; Chip (KOKANEE) | Lake Toya

Do you know "chip or kokanee salmon"? It is rare fish which tends to live in clean and cool water like Lake Toya. The season for chip fishing in Lake Toya starts the 1st of June and finish the mid-July every year. As the fishing season is so limited that we call the fish "phantom fish".

At a kiosk in JR Sapporo Station, you can get a chip sushi box for the limited season, JUST ONE & 1/2 MONTHS usually.

When I visited the kiosk at around 7 PM, they cut the price by 50%! How lucky I was! I had to but it!

The fish is so popular that some newspaper features the sushi box sold at the station.

This is a "chip sushi box", using kokanee salmon caught in Lake Toya.

They don't use raw chip for sushi. Vinegared one is on sushi rice. The fish is so orange and has an adequate amount of fat.


See!!! It's shiny!
A small amount of plum juice is also used to make the vinegared chip and accents some natural flavor of the fish :-)

The box also has also scallop which is popular in Lake Toya area.

Yummy x 2!
The chip season is about to finish. Plz be in a hurry if you want to eat it in this season!!!

Grilled chip with salt is also delicious and recommendable!
Why don't you try the seasonal fish here in Hokkaido?

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