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Monday, February 27, 2012

French Restaurant KAZAMA (フレンチレストラン カザマ)| Sapporo

"French Restaurant KAZAMA (フレンチレストラン カザマ)" is located at the edge of the downtown area of Sapporo, serving very delicious meals at reasonable prices↓ Let's enter it!

The restaurant was fully booked today (as usual). As we were the first customers to enter it, I was able to take this pic↓ It's not a big restaurant, but very cozy and homelike

I ordered "Piollot Cuvee de Reserve Brut"!!

3,200 yen lunch set is really recommendable and makes you happy♪ You must be surprised the number of dishes for the set!!!
Well, well, well, the lunch show will start!! Hahaha!

■Carrot mousse with gelee
Under this gelee................

Look at the very creamy carrot mousse! Yummy x 2!!!

As the bread was so delicious, I ate five pieces of them.......... Am I a big eater?? (Yes, of course!! Hahaha!)

■Oyster saute and flan
The oysters are caught off Akkeshi, a famous oyster fishing place located in the eastern part of Hokkaido.

The oysters themselves were delicious, of coruse, but

this flan is very rich and recommendable!!! Tastes really oysters!! We were so impressed with their meals!


■Burdock potage
It has distinctive aroma of burdock! Were we in a gourmet paradise??

■Deep-sea porgy
The sauce really suits with the fish! Perfect!

■Grapifruit sorbet
Well, well, well........... We were looking for the main dish, while we were enjoying this citrus sorbet!

We can choose a main out of two kinds.

■Stewed mutton and vegetables
My friend chose this stewed mutton↓ We shared two mains with each other!

Wagyu beef hamburger steak with foie gras
How gorgeous it is! Foie gras is surrounded with wagyu beef and this hamburger itself is wrapped with cabbage!

When I cut it............
I really enjoyed this tasty and appetizing hamburger!!

We can choose one dessert among several kinds.

I chose blanc-manger and honey ice cream.

My freiend chose raspberry ice cream and kumquats.
Both of them were very delicious!

Last but not least, we enjoyed brownie with tea.

We fully enjoyed this very delicious lunch set!

Do you remember how much the set is?
It is only 3,200 yen! You must go and enjoy their meals!

"French Restaurant KAZAMA (フレンチレストラン カザマ)" is a very popular restaurant. Please make a resrvation in advance!

■Where is "French Restaurant KAZAMA (フレンチレストラン カザマ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

Luv wagyu beef but not mutton, the fruits & desserts look yummy!

K.K. said...

The lunch set includes a lot of delicious meals! Can you believe the it is only 3,200 yen?
KAZAMA is one of my favorite restaurants in Sapporo!

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