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Friday, February 24, 2012

Heiwaen Ranzu (平和園 蘭豆店)| BBQ Restaurant | Sapporo

If you want to enjoy BBQ in Sapporo at reasonable prices for lunch, I recommend "Heiwaen Ranzu (平和園 蘭豆)" in Toyohiwa ward↓

Look at the banner! We can eat a BBQ set for 500 yen apiece!!!! How wonderful the restaurant is!

Let's enter it!
I love its horigotatsu seats; low, covered tables ppaced over a hole in the floor of  Japanese-style rooms.

They serve a lot of kinds of lunch sets, but I always order 500 yen Jingiskan (lamb) BBQ set. It is a best buy, isn't it??

The set includes a big mug of soft drink! Again, the set is only 500 yen!

See! I'm sure this is a best buy for lunch! The meat comes with vegetables, salad, big miso soup, big rice, namul, and kimuchi. Am I in the heaven?? Hahaha!

This BBQ restaurant is a branch of Heiwaen (平和園), one of the most popular BBQ restaurants in Obihiro. The quality of meat and sauce is perfect!

Anyway, have you ever heard Jingiskan? It is our local cuisine, a lamb BBQ, in Hokkaido, and very popular not only for tourists but also for local citizens!

It really suits with Sappro beer! Hahaha!
Usually, a cheap lunch set tastes also cheap, but this set doesn't! The meat is very juicy and delicious!

We really enjoyed 500 yen lunch today!

■Where is "Heiwaen Ranzu (平和園 蘭豆店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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