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Monday, February 13, 2012

Shinoya (志の家)| Soba Noodle Retaurant | Sapporo

If I had to choose one delicious soba noodle restaurant in the downtown area of Sapporo, I'd recommend "Shinoya (志の家)"↓
You may be impressed with this Japanese atmosphere. The Japanese-style house has a small Japanese garden and we can appreciate it while eating soba!

Let's enter it!

There are table seats and tatami mat seats in this restaurant↓

Of course, they serve traditional soba, but how about arranged soba such as basil soba, mugwort soba, sesame soba, lemon soba, poppy soba, green tea soba, purple yam soba, and yuzu citrus soba? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Which do you like better, hot soba or hot soba? I prefer cold soba and today I ordered "tenseiro", or cold soba with tempura.

This is "tenseiro".

Soba here looks very shiny and delicious! Actually smells very nice! I love this distinctive aroma!

The noodles are thinner than normal ones and we can enjoy feeling the soba going down our throat very comfortably!

The tempura also tastes wonderful!
We can eat freshly deep-fried seasonable tempura!

Last, but not least, we enjoyed sobayu or hot soba water with special soba sauce! Yummy x 2!!

I can feel relax whenever I come here!
I love their soba, atmosphere and very friendly chef!

■Where is "Shinoya (志の家)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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