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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soup Curry Cayenne (スープカリィ カイエン)| Soup Curry Restaurant | Sapporo

"Soup curry" is a soup type curry, which is one of the local cuisines in Sapporo. As each restaurant has each recipe, we can enjoy many types of curry, ingredients, and broth here in Sapporo. Would you like to go around all restaurants? Actually, I'm trying to! Hahaha!

Today I'll show you "Soup Curry Cayenne (スープカリィ カイエン)", which is located near Sapporo Dome and Hitsugigaoka Observation Hill.

It has been renovated recently.

What I like this restaurant is we can choose the types of broth, degrees of hotness, and ingredients & toppings for curry. Yes, we can enjoy soup curry customized depending on your taste!

This is the broth list↓ Typical soup curry restaurants serve only one kind of broth, while they prepare nine kinds of broth all the time!!! Amazing!!!!

Toppings can be chosen not only among several regular ones but also among today's specials such as huge maitake mushroom, w cheese, opened gumbo tempura, big clam, whey pork, and lamb loin steak. Sounds wonderful!!!!

How about monthly curry??
They serve Wagyu beef (Japanese Black) curry this month! Yummy x 2!!

The master said, "If you cannot eat up the meat, you can take it out. Don't worry about it!"
I said, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure I can eat it up!"
I was so excited when I imagined such big meat would be served for me!!!

Here comes the rice first!
They serve many kinds of curry such as chicken vegetable, pork, stewed pork, beef, seafood and so on. What I chose today is..............

Finally, I chose autumn soup (onion base with coconut milk and fish broth), Nanbu chicken (very juicy brand chicken raised with additive-free feed) and vegetables.
How gorgeous it is!!!

Opened gumbo tempura is added for additional topping! Yummy x 2!!!

Look at the ingredients in the soup!
My soup curry is well-balanced! Broccoli, cloud ear mushroom, lotus root, potato, gumbo, enoki mushroom, egg, cabbage, potherb mustard, paprika and so on................

How HUGE the Nanbu chicken is!!
(Now I understand what the master said means!!!)
The additional dish was prepared for the chicken. I cut it into small pieces,

soaked it into the delicious soup, and enjoyed it! The brand chicken was very juicy and tasty!!!

The autumn soup (onion base with coconut milk and fish broth) tastes very rich and well-seasoned although the soup is not actually fatty. I love it!

After eating the delicious curry, I drew a lottery on the iPad at the restaurant and got the third prize (discount ticket for the next time). Luck me!

What should I eat when I come here next time??? They have wide variety of curry, ingredients, broth, and toppings!
You know what? The most reasonable curry here is only 500 yen
Wow! Wow! Wow! I love this restaurant very much!

■Where is "Soup Curry Cayenne (スープカリィ カイエン)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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